Top 20 Android Blogs Follow In 2019

Here is a precise list of 20 top Android blogs you should definitely keep an eye on in 2019

1 Android Developers

Here you can get a complete developer guide to build an Android app. Android Developer gives a wide spectrum of topics regarding Android.

It comes up with 4 posts per week approximately. Its a one-stop for recent updates and news related to Android. It makes the experts and technologists aware of the dynamic technological updates.

2 Android Hive

Android Hive is managed by Android developers to inform the consumers, developers, and beginners about recent update and news in the Android world.

Android hive also provides products and apps for the users. It provides guidance to the beginners with their first Android program through various video tutorials and pseudocode. This is a very helpful Android Blog for every beginner programmer. It releases 3 posts per month for its users.

3 Vogella

It offers free and easy tutorials about Java, Eclipse, web and Android development and related areas. It also helps in training and consulting in the areas of Eclipse, Android and Git. Having said this, it is one of the most important Android blogs you must be looking into.

4 Styling Android

It provides you with important details about the styling and theme of an Android app. It acts as a guide in improving the UI and UX of Android apps. The association of Mark Allison makes styling Android more prominent. It offers about 1 blog per week to the readers.

5 Navoda

Navoda mainly works with companies who are into app designing. It can also help you in understanding how to make use of the layout preview. Apart from this, it also has a GitHub project which is dedicated to Android samples.

6 Google News

You can see all the recent and insightful news about the latest updates related to Android at Google News. Different sources are compiled here to turn these updates into informative articles. It helps the users by integrating all the news that is going on in the Android world. Topics can be found here according to the user’s interest. Google News uploads 10 new posts per week.

7 GitHub

This is a web-based version-control and collaboration platform for software developers. It allows developers to change, adapt and improve software from its public repositories for free. It also enables social coding by offering a web interface to the Git code repository.

It has many management tools for collaboration. GitHub is surely a prominent Android Blog site for software developers.

8 Android Weekly

Android Weekly a newsletter that covers a variety of topics from Android world. It provides tutorials, news, videos, screenshots, images, etc. It provides articles on a weekly basis for its readers.

Android Weekly will give you informative content for improving knowledge about app development. It is also a platform where you will be able to post a job to reach a number of Android developers around the globe. Android Weekly offers 3 posts per week.

9 Android Authority

Android Authority blog is all about expert tips, Android Development news, reviews and how to guides. The “How to” section includes some quick guides regarding the configuration of Android devices for development purposes.  The Android Authority releases 2 posts per week approximately.

10 Reddit

Reddit is one of the most read and followed Android Blogs. Here, you can find news and articles for Android developers, which are thoughtful and informative. Reddit offers insightful talks and presentations, useful libraries, handy tools, and open source applications for research. It provides 168 posts per week.

11 The Common’s Blog

This Blog covers every aspect of Android. It gets updated every couple of days. It can be a guide for you to achieve a number of visual effects for Android.

There are a number of books on the topic of Android development published by The Common’s Blog. It gives you 1 post per week.

12 AndroidPIT

This is a source for news about Android smartphone, reviews, comparisons, apps, forum, videos, tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Android device. It offers about 24 posts per week. AndroidPIT is functioning since Feb 2010.

13 GSMArena

GSMArena is the ultimate resource for Android handset information. It comes with the latest articles (news and reviews). Its primary task is to provide detailed and accurate information about mobile phones and their features. It has a frequency of about 56 posts per week. It is in operation since Nov 2010.

14 GizBot

Follow GizBot to keep yourself updated with the latest mobile reviews and news on all Samsung mobiles, iPhone, Sony, Nokia, Xiaomi and Micromax smartphones.

It also has articles regarding technical updates for all Android, Windows and BlackBerry phones. It offers about 56 posts per week. GizBot is in operation since Oct 2011.

15 Gadgets360

NDTV Gadgets has been renamed to Gadgets 360. It provides breaking mobile news, latest reviews, opinions, analysis, videos, photos and more. It has a frequency of about 84 posts per week. It is existing since May 2009.

16 Smartprix Blog

Smartprix cover latest technology news, in-depth reviews, smartphone buying guidelines, and even best tech deals to guide you in buying the best products. It is an efficient tool for online comparison shopping. It has a frequency of about 42 posts a week.

17 Blundell

Over here you will be able to find Android Developer Tutorials sorted into different categories like beginner, intermediate and expert. Surprisingly it covers all the aspects of Android API as well as best practices. It has a frequency of about 1 post per month.

18 ZDNet

At ZDNet, you can find news, commentary and in-depth reviews about the latest mobile phones sporting IOS or Android. It offers 4 posts per week. ZDNet has a Facebook fan-base of about 271,503 and around 441,589 Twitter followers.

19 AndroidGuys

AndroidGuys was launched on November 5, 2007. The success of AndroidGuys is because of their ability to provide current and prospective Android owners with useful information, analysis, insight, resource, and information.

Their aim is to educate all the consumers about advancements regarding Android smartphones, especially about newly launched devices.

20 Fragmented

It is the perfect platform to find something new to learn about Android development every time you visit Fragmented Podcast. They also interact with other Android developers on a biweekly basis

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