The Step By Step Guide To Promote Your Tech Article

As a technical specialist who enjoys blogging and has many tech friends that would like to let their internal bloggers go out into the world — I created a list of advice on how to get started with blogging for tech people.
This guide although, with some logical adjustments, is easily suitable for non technical topics as well.

Step 0. What and with whom do you want to share

Step 1. Optimize for SEO

Google European Headquarter and views over Dublin

Step 2. Optimize your content for sharing

Optimize your content for social sharing

Develop your approach on how to deal with visualization

Understand Google’s perspective on texts. The view over Dublin from Google office 🙂

Step 3. Share among your network

Step 4. Share outside of your network: in groups and communities

Communities can more than separate individuals

Tech communities in addition to general social media groups:

Step 5. Submit your blog to platforms that have their own audience of readers

Step 6. Reach out to influencers and collaborate with similar-minded people and companies

Step 7. Re-share

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